Growing Cannabis | Legalization Of Marijuana


Growing Cannabis is the cultivation of the flowering plant cannabis for the production and enjoyment of its marijuana buds. What are these marijuana buds going to give both you and I? Thats right!… sweet, long, mind-blowing highs.

I’m not sure if you know but growing marijuana has been around since the third millennium BC! It has been a major part of many cultures and societies around the world including India, the Middle East, Greece, China and the America’s. This beautiful plant has been held in very high esteem for its therapeutic and spiritual qualities but in recent times, especially in the Western world, it has had its name dragged in the mud.

In the 20th Century the US government suddenly banished all legality from cannabis as they decided any cultivation, consumption and trading of cannabis to be prohibited and illegal. This decision has had its repercussions as laws against marijuana use spread like wild-fire throughout the rest of the world. Now for marijuana possession or growing you can be charged a small fine, be imprisoned or even executed depending on which state or territory in the world you are charged in. Does that seems totally ridiculous every time you think about it?

I’m not sure about you, but it sounds totally crazy to me. How can they justify charging someone over using a natural plant!? Alcohol causes far more damage than marijuana has the ability to do. Marijuana has been shown to cause people to become more relaxed and friendly whereas alcohol is a vehicle used by many to become more violent and confrontational.
Have you ever heard of violence and confrontation caused by smoking marijuana? I didn’t think so. So it’s time that cannabis cultivation be celebrated and used in today’s society. I want to offer some of the basics of growing cannabis and how aligning and augmenting with mother nature can offer amazing benefits for our health and wellbeing. Here are some of the key stages of soil-based cannabis growing:


Seed Germinating


It must be said that germinating a cannabis seed is the easiest part of cultivating marijuana… so why do so many people out there have some trepidation when they know they have to do it? It beats me! Once you get the right process down your germinating success rate with be over 95% for sure. The three essential conditions you want to have for the seeds are: darkness, moisture and warmth.

The moisture part involves grabbing a paper towel, soaking it filtered water and placing the seeds very delicately in between this paper towel so the seed it covered completely. This is placed on a plate. The next two points, warmth and darkness, are then employed by positioning this plate with our cannabis seed in a place that is nice and dark and has a general warmth to it. A popular choice is some place like a cabinet drawer. Such mixture can be used in your dry herbs vaporizer without any problems.

After about 12 hours check that your paper towel is still moist, if it isn’t just add a touch of filtered water to reintroduce some replenishing moisture for your seed. From here on in you should be checking your seed every seven to eight hours until you find that the outer shell of your marijuana seed has split and a white shoot has sprouted out for the centre of your seed. This can be the most exhilarating moments for beginner growers when learning how to grow cannabis as it the first measurable and direct result that they receive showing their time and effort are paying off for them.

The germination stage of cannabis growing will take on average around 70 hours to complete and from there you place your freshly hatched seeds into its nurturing and welcoming growing medium.

Soil and Seedling

Just like all plants, the marijuana plant is one that will flourish and thrive in an environment that is rich, nutrient dense and full of supportive, fresh life around it. You gotta think of the soil as the womb for the marijuana seeds that is going to create the most uplifting and earth shattering highs you’ll ever experience. All growers dedicated to growing this kind of weed invest in high grade quality soil. This usually comes in the form of an organic based soil which have many must needed micro-organisms that do all the unseen work of helping feed the plant the nutrients it needs.

So the marijuana grower will very gently place his newly germinated seed in the soil and inch or two down and keep it watered again with filtrated water until it sprouts. When it sprouts through the surface of the soil two small rounds petals will form and then over time will turn brown and die. This process is very normal, healthy and expected. It is at this point the sprout is called a seedling.

The seedling is very delicate like a new-born baby. Incredible care and nurturance must be given so it can thrive and transmute energy into growing. If growing indoors, the use of compact fluorescent lights is highly recommended by professional growers as they exude very minimal light which is crucial for the delicate seedling. The part of this step that causes many cultivators huge pain when they awake to see their dying seedling is consistent watering. They must ensure as a grower that they supply consistent moisture to their plant and soil as these beautiful seedlings have only small root systems that have the tendency to dry out quite rapidly.

During the Seedling stage the plant can also start to sex itself. The grower will determine the sex of the plant, remove the males, and if growing indoors he/she will configure the appropriate lighting ratio.


The Vegetative Plant


The light whilst the marijuana plant is vegetating is maximized as much as can be. If growing indoors the plants receive at least 19 hours of light and if the plants are grown outdoors they soak up as much naturally sunlight as they can. The proper nutrients from a high quality soil are monumental at this point in the grow as this is the food that the plant feeds on to turn into a bud production for your smoking pleasure!

All of the energy that the plants takes in from sunlight, nutrients and water is directed to ensure the growth of its precious leaves, stems and roots. This stage of the grow ends up taking around one to two months and as the root system becomes stronger and deeper so too does the rest of the plant above the soil. It is much like a human digestive system; when a person’s digestive system is unhealthy the rest of that person’s body, including vital organs, suffers.


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